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Blood Lemon Narcos (Auto)

$30.00 $31.80 with tax

Brand: SoFem Genetics
Breeder: Martin Wuest
Plant Type: Autoflower
Strain: Hybrid
Feminized: Yes

Blood Lemon Narcos is a high-yielding cross of Narcotic Zkittles and our Blood Lemon Skunk. She is potent, loud, and pungent, wreaking of lemons and berries. Cool night temps will bring out colors. ScrOG or staking is recommended as the bud sites fill out. Top at the 5th internod and LST, defoliating as needed to bring light into the plant. 4-6oz indoors is the average yield in 7gal or larger pots in under 90 days from seed. The best yield we’ve seen from one plant is 13.5oz.

This Auto is also available in bulk loose at a discount for commercial grow ops or any growers who need more than 100 seeds of an individual auto.

*Promo codes are NOT allowed for bulk seed purchases. If you use a promo code for a bulk seed purchase, we will send the amount of seeds equal to the amount you’ve paid. Thanks for understanding.


Total of 03 Cannabis Seeds Per Pack

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