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Cake Mintz (Auto)

$30.00 $31.80 with tax

Cake Mintz Auto
Strain Type = Hybrid
Yield = Average 3-6 oz depending on cultivation technique
CBD Content = Below 2%
Plant Height Indoors – 3-4 Feet
Plant Height Outdoors – 3-4 Feet
Flower time will be between 65-75 Days from seed
Lineage of Cultivar – (Candy mint cake ) x (Cake pops )
Candy mint cake = (Hellbender X Bessiecake)
Cake Pops Auto (Bessiecake x Runtz Auto)
Best Growing Condition indoors 18/6 Light schedule
Was bred indoors and performs excellent in that setting.
10. Description Candy mint cake has it all . Beautiful structure. Close internode spacing hard colorful nugs . Very Low leaf to bud ratio. Amazing
frost factor. Eazy Cake Auto is all around a keeper to any garden. She turns out top shelf quality cannabis in record time and is an
auto flower that would make a perfect addition to your commercial garden to help increase production. This strain is a
concentrate maker’s dream come true. was bred for high returns on processing.

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