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Frost In The Swamp (Boxed Set)

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Frost in The Swamp Box Set 

Our collaboration with Frost Pops Genetics. A collection of 6 regular photoperiod strains, with 25 seeds per strain. Included in this Box Set are; Frost in The Swamp, a plant yielding dense resinous buds with a fruity GMO funk aroma; Buttery Cookies, a plant able to grow great heights with a zesty fermented dough fragrance; Swamp Slushy, beautiful node spacing and structure with terpenes galore; Swamp Butter, a strong structured plant with bakery stank buds; Alpine Joe, fantastic hash-making-ability with tasty chocolate funky terps; and Buttery Poop F2, a high THC plant growing tall with undertones of meat and sour funk GMO. With a total of 150+ seeds per box, plus a surprise pack from Frostpops himself, this box set is a steal-deal for any grower/breeder.

Total of 150+ Seeds Per Pack

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