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Otto Orange F3 (Autoflower)

$50.00 $53.00 with tax

F3 autoflower to Dutch Passion’s Auto Orange Bud. Otto Graham is Dutch Passion’s Auto Daiquiri Lime crossed with Black Skull Seed’s Pineapple gum auto.

From Nacho: “Otto Orange tends to smell like musty armpits at an overripe orange stand outside a Florida gas station and tastes like orange and petrol/diesel. Citrus notes, a little earthy and definitely LOUD gassy scent in the back. Smells like musty armpits at an overripe Orange stand outside a Florida gas station. Tastes like orange and gas. Citrus notes, a little earth but definitely LOUD gassy scent back there. A tester reported “from germ to harvest was 87-90 days. I had 6 out of 16 that grew 4 1/2 feet tall. I’m averaging 77 to 130 grams per plant, ‘all indoor.’”

  • Flowering Time: 80-90 days from seed to harvest
  • Total of 06 seeds in each package.

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