True OG


Min yield 30-40 grams

80% indica 20% sativa

9-10 weeks

True OG is a selection of regular seeds that one of our friends did. The motherplant that we have we grow since 2008. The taste is very earthy and it makes great tasting hash. This is one of Soma’s favourite strains.

True OG is a popular indica strain that was originally discovered in Southern California, where the term “OG” originally meant “ocean grown.” Bred with genetics from the very popular OG Kush, True OG is potent enough for mellow, lasting effects combined with a more focused head high.

Ideally, OG Kush plants are kept at temperatures between 18 and 29 degrees Celcius. Indoor/outdoor: Grows well both indoors and out. Its dense buds can make it susceptible to bud rot when humidity is high, making it ideal for drier climates if grown outdoors.

Total of 05 Cannabis Seeds Per Pack.

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