Baby Mama


Genetics: Jealousy x Slurricane


•Jealousy (Tiki Madman Cut): A potent strain known for its strong, relaxing effects and complex aroma, with notes of grape and diesel.


•Slurricane P3 (Pink Pheno): A version of Slurricane with a distinct pink hue, known for its sweet, fruity flavors and relaxing effects.


Potential Effects:


•A balanced hybrid that offers both relaxation and euphoria.

•May provide relief from stress, anxiety, and pain.


Aroma and Flavor:


•A unique blend of the grape and diesel notes from Jealousy and the sweet, fruity flavors of Slurricane P3.

•Hints of berry, tropical fruit, and earthy undertones.




•Dense buds with a mix of green and pink hues.

•A generous coating of trichomes, giving it a frosty appearance.


Flowering Time:


•55-60 days.




•Easy to grow, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

•Known for being sticky, stinky, and frosty.

Total of 02 Cannabis Seeds Per Pack

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