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In the wide world of cannabis strains, you have so many options that promote so many different feelings and experiences. For some, this could cause analysis paralysis as you ask yourself “What strains should I grow/consume?!” One answer that should always make the list is Humboldt Dream. It’s an ode to the classic Blue Dream, which to this day remains one of the best-known cannabis strains in all of the world, that was created by the good folks at Humboldt Seed Company (HSC).

Humboldt Seed Company, a legacy seed bank based in Humboldt County, California, has many top notch genetics and seeds available. Here’s what you should know about what Humboldt Dream is, how it grows, and what the consumption experience entails.

What is Humboldt Dream?

Humboldt Dream is an indica-dominant cross of Purple Panty Dropper and Blue Dream. It was born and bred in Northern California. Humboldt has a history of creating cannabis genetics that dates back to the early 1970s, when cannabis seeds from overseas began arriving in the United States.

The autoflower version of this strain is a cross between Humboldt Dream, Blue Dream, and Emerald Fire OG Auto. Its THC percentage hovers around 27%.

What is Humboldt Dream’s history?

Humboldt Dream was bred by Humboldt Seed Company.

Humboldt Seed Company was founded in 2001 by biologists in Humboldt County. They have created many top tier cannabis seeds in both California’s medical and recreational markets for over two decades, for both home growers and commercial operators. Their seeds are available across the world in multiple U.S. states and in Spain, Canada, Jamaica, South Africa, Colombia, France, Portugal, Greece, the UK, Malta and most recently Thailand.

Humboldt Seed company offers a variety of different genetics and seed types. They have Regular Seeds; Feminized Seeds; Autoflower Seeds; CBD Seeds; and CBG Seeds.

Regular Seeds are great for experienced grower since each plant yields unique characteristics. Feminized Seeds are great for growers who want to guarantee they’re only getting flowering plants. Autoflower Seeds are different in that it does not depend on the length of days versus nights to flower, because they flower by age, not light manipulation. CBD and CBG Seeds allow you to hone in on specific cannabinoids.

How do you grow Humboldt Dream?

Humboldt Dream nugs appear super sticky with lumpy dark olive green nugs that are covered in vibrant orange hairs and rich blue undertones. They are picked from plants that reach well over 15 ft in weight and yield over 10 lbs per plant when grown properly. Humboldt Dream has a photoperiodic flowering time of 60 days indoors. Outdoors, you can expect harvest time to be sometime between Oct. 1st and 10th. Autoflowering time is 95 days from seed to harvest.

How does Humbolt Dream smell and taste?

Humboldt Dream carries the classic smell and taste of Blue Dream. One whiff of its flowers and you will detect aromas of sweet blueberries and grapes.

Humboldt Dream’s top three flavors are blueberry, sweet, and pine. This is thanks to a terpene profile that is dominant in linalool, myrcene, pinene, limonene, and caryophyllene.

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds in cannabis plants that produce a strain’s aroma, flavor, and influence the types of effects each individual experiences.

Linalool is a plant terpene found in lavender, roses, grapes, and laurel. It is associated with relaxing and sedative effects in a therapeutic sense. Linalool is abundant in strains like Kosher Kush, Wedding Mints, and Lavender.

Myrcene is a plant terpene found in hops, lemongrass, and mangos. It is expected to contribute to the sedative feeling people feel after smoking certain cannabis strains. Some research has suggested that myrcene is responsible for the couch-lock effects that people usually attribute to indica strains. Strains like Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple, and Mango Kush are high in myrcene.

Pinene is the single most common terpene in all plants. It is found in pine trees and herbs like basil, eucalyptus, and of course, cannabis. Research suggests that pinene can help combat anxiety and depression. Durban Poison, Big Smooth, and White Runtz are strains with high amounts of pinene.

Limonene is a plant terpene found in citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. It is commonly associated with uplifting and energizing effects. Strains like Wedding Cake, Lemon Diesel, and OG Kush feature high amounts of limonene.

Caryophyllene is a plant terpene found in spices, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and of course, cannabis. It is associated with anti-anxiety effects. Strains like GSC, Bubba Kush, and Sunset Sherbert are dominant in caryophyllene.

How does Humboldt Dream feel?

Humboldt Dream’s top most reported effects are: relaxed, creative, and hungry.

If you’ve ever consumed Blue Dream, then you’ll have a great idea of what to expect from Humboldt Dream. The initial onset will come about within 15-20 minutes as you feel a slight buzz around the eyes. This buzz brings about a calm euphoria that boosts your mood, stimulates the brain, and makes it easier for you to think clearly about tasks of the day. As that high settles, you’ll feel it creep down into your body, spurring a physical relaxation that makes Humboldt Dream an excellent choice for an afternoon boost in morale and/or winding down at the end of the day.

All in all, this strain is an excellent choice for social engagements, calming down from the stresses of life, and going on outdoor adventures that stimulate your brain and encourage positive thoughts about life and the way you participate in the world. Regardless of when and how you consume cannabis, you can’t go wrong with including Humboldt Dream.

Is Humboldt Dream a head high or a body high?

Each cannabis consumer experiences a different type of high, because we all have individual body types, endocannabinoid systems (ECS), and tolerance levels for cannabis compounds. The best way to know if Galactic Glue will be a head high or body high for you is to try the strain and monitor the experience.

That said, Humboldt Dream tends to be a mix of both a head high and body high for most people. About it, Leafly Reviewer l……..n states “If you have the option to get this sweet strain don’t pass it up. Perfect relaxation and a heavy euphoria and warmth pair well with sativa like buzz of cerebral energy. Great for an afternoon relaxation or late night chill.” Leafly Reviewer K……..y says “This strain is a perfect relaxed high! A hybrid of two of my fav strains I can taste blue dream and purple panty dropper! Great tasting, is a nice body high takes away any stress, sadness or anxiety! Also makes me super aroused and tingly! Let’s just say smoke this with a lover and you might get lucky!”

With these different experiences, it’s easy to see how cannabis strains can provide varying experiences for each different consumer. The best way to know what type of high to expect from Humboldt Dream products is to give them a try and monitor your experience.

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