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About Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized

Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized is unlike any other cannabis genetics out there. The genetic contributors aligned with the stars to create an incredible new strain with unforgettable profiles. This is a jar that gets reached for above anything else. The range of flavours and aromas will surely be a hit at any social gathering.

The lineage of Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized is full of popular genetics. It all started with a Durban and a Hindu Kush being crossed. The resulting offspring was then crossed to an OG Kush, which was also crossed with another plant that consisted of Diesel, Haze, and Hindu Kush. This hybrid plant looks most like the OG Kush in stature.

Connections to the sativa leaning Diesel are easy to discern in the terpene profile, while the Durban and Haze impart their genetics in both the flavour and effects. Traits of the indica lineage from the Hindu Kush and OG Kush are most noticeable in the morphology and the soothing body stone that rounds-out the total effects.

Growth pattern of Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized

Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized seeds grow into cannabis plants representative of their 60% indica lineage. Lush green foliage covers the stocky frame, which reaches a medium stature by harvest time. Compact internodal spacing and sturdy branches produce numerous heavy buds stacked onto this bushy plant. Defoliation will help avoid damp air pockets around the buds and within the canopy.

Sweet Cherry Kush is a feminized strain. Growers with limited time and space will appreciate the ability to reliably know all of the seeds will be flower-producing when grown. Flowering times of Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized are closely related to the flowering time of its indica descendants. The typical duration of flower is 55-60 days before being ready to harvest.

All indoor growers and outdoor growers in sunny, Mediterranean climates will be able to successfully grow Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized. In the right conditions, this plant can reach 120-140 cm indoors, and an astounding 180 cm or more outdoors.

The yields are large under optimal conditions for Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized. Indoor growers have registered 500-550 grams per m² indoors, while outdoor growers see an excess of 600 grams per plant. This plant is suitable for SOG, SCROG, Supercropping, and Lollipopping plant training techniques to maximise yields.

Bud formation on the Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized consists of chunky flowers with densely packed bracts. The buds form thicker colas, unlike the loose and airy Haze genetics in the lineage. Flowers are very resinous, and the plethora of shimmering trichome heads seem to dance in the light. Buds are mainly dark green with accents of purple hues in the later stages of flowering.

Effects, taste, and smell of Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized

Effects from Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized take hold in an instant. Happiness envelopes the mind as the uplifting, cerebral effects shift the vibration of the day. Inspirational for creative types, this strain may be the muse growers are looking for. Along with all of the blissful effects for the mind, the body is not neglected. As the initial onset of Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized wanes, a soothing, weightless body stone encompasses the physical being.

The flavours of Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized are a concoction of items rarely found in cannabis flowers. Complex and conflicting tastes merge into one, while still remaining identifiable. It is the fresh picked cherries flavour that is the first to stand out. A light pine flavour and sandalwood temper the cherries tartness. Lingering behind all of this are the refreshing notes of citrus and mint. It is an odd combination that creates a masterpiece for the mouth.

Sweet Cherry Kush Feminized also has a multi-layered terpene profile. As the nose passes over a jar of cured flower, sweet and earthy aromas are the first to hit the senses. Very close behind them is an overpowering diesel scent that nearly burns the nose. As the burn is retreating, right there to fill the void is a heavenly scent of fresh picked cherries. The combination of diesel and cherries is captivating.

Did you know?

  • The flavour combination of cherries, diesel, pine, and mint is extremely rare.
  • A handful of award-winning classics were used to create this strain

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